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An Update from Paparazzi Accessories Corporate Office > Starlet Shimmer

Over the past couple of years, the world has been adapting to a new normal. Shipping delays, supply chain issues, and inflation continue to impact daily life. Companies have been forced to revisit what “business as usual” looks like while minimizing the impact felt by their customers. We’ve been fortunate that these global issues have had minimal impact on Paparazzi. We’ve been able to continue offering daily new releases of adorably affordable jewelry to our Consultants with minimal interruption.
While shipping delays and supply chain issues are more recent obstacles stemming from the response to COVID-19, the cost of goods has been rising for years. Everyone has felt this impact in some capacity, as we’ve all watched the price of daily necessities climb—from the gas pump to the grocery store.
As a result of these ongoing increases, it is no longer feasible to offer our Starlet Shimmer items at their current price point. Rather than increase the amount we charge for the Starlet Shimmer Collection, we have made the decision to discontinue this product line. By dropping the Starlet Shimmer Collection from our catalog, we will be able to better utilize the limited cargo space available and continue offering you irresistible $5 items that carry commissionable volume (PV).
This spring season is going to be remarkable. We look forward to celebrating new milestones within your own personal business and together as a Paparazzi family.  Thank you for your commitment to the Paparazzi mission of bringing strength, independence, and empowerment to families all over the nation. You are living proof that while $5 jewelry may not change the world, those who wear it will.


PLEASE NOTE: CURRENTLY, I HAVE OVER 200 DIFFERENT types of $1 bling! I will continue to sell until ALL of my inventory have found forever homes! Don't wait to get your favorites!