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The MEN Of Paparazzi (MOP)

It's not only spouses/partners of female consultants, but more and more men are seeing Paparazzi as an excellent opportunity to earn money through sales and to build residual income through team growth. Starting their own Paparazzi businesses and leading teams has us seeing more men than ever making a splash!

Not wanting to be outdone by the ladies, the men of Paparazzi take their role seriously. This past year we saw a higher percentage of new primary consultants that are male than in years past. Many gained Elite status this past year too. In fact, there have been more male 6 figure earners than ever before. Two men had their names in lights and are memorialized forever through Signature Zi Collection pieces named after them (The Alex and The Arlingto Zi pieces).  Our MOP, as we affectionately call them, are upping the ante and taking $5 jewelry to new heights!

I am confident that this is an excellent opportunity for men with a lot of women in their circles. Those in settings such as real estate, retail, office, teaching, and sooo many more! Women love our product and with our now expanded Urban line, men are continuing to take notice. We have new releases everyday that are sure to fit every style out there! You can see more pieces in the collection here and on my company site. Links: URBAN and Uniquely Urban.

If you're looking to make some extra money, this is an invitation to let me share more with you about how YOU can leave your mark in our $5 world!

I'm available to discuss the opportunity more fully anytime. Take a look at the different pages here as well as my corporate site. You can find my contact info here: Contact Carrie.

I look forward to sharing more about Paparazzi, me and my team!