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What is it about Paparazzi?

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What is it about Paparazzi Accessories

I often stop and think about how Paparazzi Accessories started. How two sisters making some accessories at their kitchen table has turned into over 425,000 (and growing) consultants wanting to wheel and deal in the jewelry biz! Many, like me, have no true ‘fashion’ experience other than wanting to look cute or powerful; perhaps athletic or chic. And some are comfortable just being comfortable adding a dainty necklace for good measure. If you know Paparazzi, you know it’s cute, trendy, fun, affordable and most of all, a community of men and women who are working to ‘build an empire’ with a bunch of people watching, participating and engaging with consultants, other customers and searching google for that ever elusive piece of bling (which right now is iridescent ANYTHING)! However, it’s not your everyday direct sales company. The opportunity to sell, build a team and grow residual income with multiple avenues to create revenue are all possible. For those NOT familiar with Paparazzi- thanks for reading. I hope to share with you my love for a company that keeps us on our toes. Keeps people accountable, works to beat their best and strives for excellence and improvement as we try to make the world sparkle $5 at a time! What a tagline! One of many that remind us to keep pressing forward to reach new customers and fans of our awesome jewelry. Sure, it’s costume jewelry. But that’s the FUN! Matching every outfit, covering all the trends of Hollywood, NYC, Santa Fe, and 5th Ave., and being able to find something to accentuate your personality and bring some of what you carry inside-out! So, ten plus years later, I can’t help but think about the path that brought two sisters, their husbands, some close friends and some new friends to a kitchen table business to what it is today- the house that bling built! 

Thank you Misty & Chani for starting something amazing! 

Next week- What exactly does ‘It’s not about the jewelry’ mean? 


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Thanks for reading ❤️! I hope to have many, many more chats in the months & years to come. Look for a new blog every Wednesday. Really, an ‘inside the mind of’, kind of an ‘open’ journal format thing? 🤔 Sometimes, I’ll go on and on (you’ll deserve a prize just for reading it)! I’ll have clues to FREEBIES inSide each week’s post. Sometimes,   I’ll be brief- like really ‘super sick this week, but here’s a personal challenge to you’ & a prize to someone who passes on kindness. Sometimes I’ll share my heart & my Papa life> the two hace become ONE>, and some days I’ll purely plug some amazing pieces of bling I want you to BUY (1st picks of some 🔥 HOT 🔥 pieces!!). 

So I hope to see you next week! Don’t forget to text your entry word- I’ll CHOOSE a Winner each Friday evening & post the first name & last initial on the following week’s blog, and text ‘You’re a Winner’ to the person selected!